How to select all widgets which are subclasses from a GtkContainer, in css?

I’m trying to create a theme, currently for gtk3, and I want to apply a style to all containers, so is there a way to select all widgets which are subclass from GtkContainer. If not, is there an alternative method?


Not really, that’s not how CSS works. You should strive to match for specificity instead of matching all types.

It might be easier to give you an answer if you provided more context on what you want to achieve.

What I actually want to do, is to set the border-radius of all containers to 15px. I just want to make windows rounded, but window children overflow, so it only worked when I selected all widgets with the wildcard *. But I don’t want to apply this to all widgets obviously, so the obvious solution is to try to select all containers. Do I have to specify all containers in gtk?

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