How to review local changes during a 3-way merge?

Hi, I hope this might be something very simple I’m missing…

I sometimes want to selectively merge my local (rhs) changes into a substantially altered (e.g. hundreds of chunks) remote (lhs) version, perhaps dropping some of my changes that are no longer needed. I see I can easily step through my own changes by using the “next change” option while focused in the local rhs panel, and could merge the ones I want.

But at some point I need to do “Merge all from left” to merge all the remote changes – too many to do them one-by-one - and this undoes any previous changes from the right (even if they weren’t conflicts); but then subsequently my local rhs pane shows all the differences to the new merged/remote version, so I can no longer step through or merge my own few changes?

Basically I’d like to accept the non-conflicting remote changes so that I can see the much smaller set of (a) conflicts and (b) my own non-conflict changes.

Any pointer welcome if this is possible and I’m not seeing how.

With apologies for following up on my own post, I think I’ve worked it out. I can start in the middle with “Merge All”, and then go to my local changed in the right-hand panel and do “Merge from left”. Somewhat like the previous post, I’d not been used to thinking about changing the left and right sides, but with meld it does seem to have a useful function.

Depending on what version control you use, you can also configure any merge helpers to load the merge result (with conflict markers in place, etc.) into the middle pane. This is similar to what Meld itself does for Git conflict resolution if you launch a three-way comparison from the version control view.

Also, I think following up on your own post when you figure out your workflow is actually excellent! Hopefully someone else will be able to use your solution in the future.

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