How to restore non-home folders?

I have some Deja Dup backups, configured with some additional folders which are outside of my home directory. I’d like to restore some files from one of those directories. When I go to the Restore tab / window, I can see the icons of all the files and folders from my home directory, but I don’t see a way to get to the additional folders I had added in the backup configuration. Normally I’d try navigating up twice to get to the root of the filesystem and then down again to the location I need. But I don’t see a way to navigate up from the Restore window.

I know the names of the directories I need to find, so I typed them in the search box, but the directories (or files) didn’t come up in the search results. I’m out of ideas, short of skipping the GUI and trying the duplicity command line (which I’ll need to learn, because I only used the GUI so far).

Any ideas?

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Hello! That makes it sound worryingly like the files are not in the backup.

You could test that directly with duplicity by running something like duplicity list-current-files file:///home/xxx/path/to/files

Are you using your distro’s version of Deja Dup or the flatpak or the snap?