How to reorder caldav agendas

I cannot find a way to reorder the caldav agendas, they keep piling in the order I created them in the main agenda view. I tried renaming them with numbers but this does not solve the problem.
I’m using version 3.50.0-1 here, as packaged by Debian it that matters.
Thanks in advance for your help.

How and where to see a “caldav agenda”? What does that even mean? Where to find some “main agenda view”?


Err, I replied by mail on the October 9th, but Discourse once again discarded my reply. It follows below:

On Thu, 2023-10-05 at 00:12 +0200, phep via GNOME Discourse wrote:

I cannot find a way to reorder the caldav agendas


you can use View->Manage Calendar Groups to reorder the groups.

Reordering respective calendars within a group is a different story.
They are sorted by name by default, while there is no GUI way in
Evolution to reorder them. You can search for the corresponding .source
files under ~/.cache/evolution/sources/ and edit those with


to some other Order index. Those with the same index are then sorted by
name. The tricky part is that editing of these internal files require

evolution --force-shutdown

to take into effect (closing only Evolution itself is not enough).

Evolution does not change the Order, thus something else set it for
you. Maybe the CalDAV server has it set.



I had finally found the order variable by grepping my config files and used it, just not found time to report this on this thread, sorry about this.

Yet, FWIW, since I didn’t know about restarting Evolution then I did not shut it down when I edited the file and it turns out that editing the config file was enough, the GUI was upgraded automatically.

On the other hand, I might be wrong since I did this a dozen days or so, but I don’t remember the alphabetical order was respected for sources sharing the same order value.



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