How to remove thick grid lines

Under Menu -> View -> Show Grid you can switch grid on/off. However, I could not find any way to remove the thick grid lines shown in the picture below.

  1. How do I hide them?
  2. Would be nice, if there was an item under Menu->View

File → Preferences → View Defaults → Page Breaks → Visible
You can also choose a more subtle colour if that’s what you want

Really I want to simplify the menu, not add additional items (which I’m not sure many would use)

That’s a point. I have no evidence, that adding this menu item would improve UX, so all I can validly say is:
Probably it would be enough for the user to find the setting (via Menu or google).
E.g. I (actually) expected it being page breaks. However, changing Preferences -> Diagram Defaults -> Paper type did not change the size of page breaks, so I expected it to be something different. Therefore, searching for a solution was difficult as well.

Indeed, I think the “Correct” solution here is improving how preferences/page setup is handled - the implementation certainly wants a cleanup :slight_smile:

In the nightly build the preferences dialogue is significantly less cramped but overall retains the same discoverability problems as before

Maybe programmatically difficult, but here two suggestions - apart from preferences dialog:
(1) Right-click on a page break line offers a menu item “hide page breaks”.
(2) Right-click on a free space within the diagram offers a menu item “Page breaks visible <□ / :heavy_check_mark:>”.

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