How to remove cut copy paste popup ove entry in touchscreens?

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I am using GTK+3 application in my embedded micro processor. In my application, for input purpose, I have added a keyboard with array of buttons and placed the buttons in a dialog. So when a entry is touched I am calling a calling back function for the event “focus-in-event”. Inside the Callback function, I will show the keyboard dialog and i will shift the focus to any button. While doing so, the cut copy paste popup are constantly present for all those entries that I touch. So kindly help me out how to turn off the cut copy paste popup that shows of when a gtk entry is clicked with touch screens?
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Nishanth Kumar

Connect to the “event” signal, examine the event and return true or false from your handler depending on whether you want to allow the event through or not.

Dear Dies,
Thanks for your reply.
If I return true from the callback of the “event” signal, will it stop the “focus-in-event” signal callback that I used to show the keyboard?


Yes, you’ll need to check what type of event it is.

i.e. is it a GtkEventFocus or whatever event type that matches your criteria?
yes? then return false to forward it.
no? then return true to just drop it.

You can look at the source code, or print debug messages from your event callback, to see exactly which event is triggering the popup you want to block then drop just that and let everything else through.

Thank you very much.
Changing the “focus-in-event” to “button-press-event” and returning true in the callback function helped me solve this issue.

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