How to remember password for bookmarked WebDAV in GNOME Files / Nautilus

I added a bookmark to GNOME Files pointing to davs://, and the app does ask for my password on to mount it. It doesn’t ask me for the username, but somehow the appropriate files (mine) are shown. However, when I try to mount the same network point again, Files asks for my password again. This is doubly inconvenient, because these passwords are like GitLab or GitHub personal access tokens (picked at random by Fastmail, shown only once, and can be revoked without interfering with my regular Fastmail password), which make then near to impossible to remember.

I’m using GNOME Files 45.2.1 from Arch Linux, if it makes a difference

Am I missing something? How to I convince GNOME Files to remember my WebDAV password?

When you enter the link (e.g. davs:// does it pop-up a modal dialog with a “Remember Password” field?

Not really, the dialog looks like this:

Screenshot of a modal dialog titles Authentication Required, with the prompt Enter password for',a password entry field and the Cancel and Unlock buttons, but not remember password checkbox

Maybe try davs:// That’s the only thing I really did different.

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Looks like it worked!

Initially I had some difficulty providing the username (it contains an “@”) in the URL, when I tried “+ Other Places” and “Enter computer address”. But after your prompt I just tried Control + L and enter in the address bar in the title bar. Not only did it accept the username, but this time it already knew the password! :upside_down_face:

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Nice! I’m guessing maybe the service is inferring your username from the given token, while GVfs/Nautilus can’t do that?

Looks like it did.

However, even after the bookmark started working as intended, connecting to the service takes a few seconds. I wonder if really all that previous attempts with the username in the URL were as unsuccessful as I took them to be.

It’s unexpected that it works in Ctrl+L but not in Other Locations.

If you can share some of your time, do you mind filing an issue over at Issues · GNOME / Files · GitLab ? Otherwise I can do it myself, but it would be nice to have you in the loop to test whether a future patch solves it for you.

Also, maybe the help bubble next to the Connect to Server UI should also give some advice about attaching usernames to the URI?

@leonardof Do you remember looking at that information button for clues? Do you think it would have helped?

If it saves you time, feel free to open the ticket and ping me there or add the link here and I’ll subscribe to the bug report. Otherwise I’ll probably have to wait until about Thursday to do it

I remember looking at the diamond symbol with an interrogation in it, and I remember having clicked it previously, but I don’t remember if I clicked this time. If I did, it didn’t tell me anything I didn’t expect. I’m familiar with protocol:username@domain:port, although I confess I don’t remember how would I put a password in this if I wanted to. (IIRC the bubble didn’t mention adding password in the URL.)

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