How to re-trigger Screenshare permission prompt under wayland?

I’m using flameshot and accidentally clicked Deny the first time prompt shows up, I have been unable to re-trigger it or find settings directly in dconf etc.

interestingly, chatGPT has provided a what I think a possible API :laughing:

I don’t know how to re-trigger it either. I have Kooha here, as a native package not as a flatpak, and recall I had to grant it permission to screencast. It looks like my answer to Kooha’s screencast permission request is stored in the GVariant Database file ~/.local/share/flatpak/db/screencast, even though it’s not a flatpak app.

~/.local/share/flatpak/db/ is the directory that xdg-desktop-portal uses for its permission store. I used command strings ~/.local/share/flatpak/db/screencast to have a peek at its contents. I don’t know how to modify a value in it or if you can, without side-effects, reset permissions by deleting the file.

looks like deleting those files don’t reset :frowning:

Maybe I am mistaken about where the permission is stored. I couldn’t find another file that had “Kooha” in it and looked to have something to do with permissions in my home directory. As you wrote, it doesn’t look to be in dconf.

Maybe try logging out and back in? Could be the contents of the file is cached in memory. I’m just guessing here.

delete and reboot worked!

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