How to programmatically remove dconf settings (gsettings)

I changed setting storage from dconf/gsettings to a simple gkeyfile in my application. I want to “clean up” older systems, that still have dconf/gsettings entries. So, I need to remove the id under which my application formerly stored the settings.

How do I remove an dconf ID (?) from the system programmatically?
I would expect something like g_settings_remove (id);

I haven’t tested, but g_settings_reset() should work. Values are only stored in dconf if they differ from the defaults provided by the schema, as GSettings are looked up in a layered way from multiple sources. The top-most layers are the dconf databases, and the bottom-most layer is the schema defaults.

I don’t know the context behind your move to a key file, but note that dconf is a lot more performant than key files.

After reset()ing, how would I then remove the schema from the system?

How did you install it in the first place?

I didn’t. It was an unmaintained project, that I took over.
Edit2: I / the package never did. The package actually uses gconf, which is apparently mapped to gsettings by some ubuntu-magic ( If I’m not mistaken )

Edit: Perhaps it’s helpful to post a link at this point: GitHub - 2ion/gjiten: An improved fork of the Gjiten Japanese dictionary tool

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