How to open a file by pasting its path?

Hi! I have installed Meld on Ubuntu.
I want to compare files but cannot find a way to open a file by pasting the filepath somewhere, I only see an option to open it manually folder by folder all 10+ subfolders of my repository… Very time consuming. What am I missing? How can I open a file or at least its folder by pasting a simple string /home/user/folder/repo/folder/folder/ ?
Thank you!

If you open the file chooser dialog, you can use the standard Ctrl+L shortcut to get the location bar where you can paste a file path.

However, I’m not sure what you mean by opening 10 subfolders of a repository. When using either folder comparison mode or version control comparison mode (as long as you have flatten folders turned off) you can open folders in new tabs from there. I’m not sure why you want to do this, but you can!