How to mute the screnshot shutter sound?

Both old and new screenshot UI have a really loud screenshot shutter sound, is it possible to mute it or at least lower it’s volume? I don’t want to mute my whole system, just the screenshot tools.

Not the shutter sound in particular, but system sounds in general (like the shutter, the error “ping” etc.):
Screenshot from 2022-05-17 21-11-01

That volume is different from application sound, so it won’t affect music or video playback.

If you want to change only the shutter sound, then you will have to create a custom sound theme that replaces the screen-capture sound.

Thanks, but it’s only the shutter sound that has a really loud volume compared to the others (ping, notifications…). Do you know where I can start looking to change the sound theme? Is there an app for this?

I doubt there is an app.

Deleting /usr/share/sounds/freedesktop/stereo/screen-capture.oga probably works, but that’s very much a hack.

In gnome-control-center in the sound settings switch back and forth between two alert sounds. That creates a custom sound theme in ~/.local/share/sounds/__custom/. Now you can create a file to override the original sound file:

touch ~/.local/share/sounds/__custom/screen-capture.disabled

And finally you need to trigger a refresh (or restart your session):

touch ~/.local/share/sounds/

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