How to move virtual disk used by Boxes

I want my virtual disk to be on a different drive, and not in my home directory.

I looked in the help for how to do this, and it explained how to back up or move the virtual disk, so I followed those steps.

Unfortunately, the VM failed to start with an I/O error, which is completely expected because I “moved the disk”.

Naturally, I need to update the VM configuration to point to the new (moved) backing file for the disk, but I don’t see anything in the help files how to do this. The UI also seems very basic, not offering this functionality as far as I can see.

So, how would I go about making these kind of changes to the VM? Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately, I’ve had a lot of problems with Gnome Boxes UI. I have to close and re-open it a lot to get the window to draw the guest OS. It often just shows a spinning icon like it’s working on something, but it’s taking far too long, and a restart fixes it up for a bit.

I figured out how to reconfigure the VM with virsh, thanks to the opensuse docs:

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