How to move a mailing list to Discourse

We have been discussing closing and moving discussion to Discourse.

Is that allowed yet? :slight_smile:

If so, let’s document a process for:

  • requesting a new tag to be added (in this case we’d need a ‘tracker’ tag, I guess)
  • requesting the closure of a mailing list, with a redirect mail that points participants to


Closing a mailing list is a matter of filing an issue with Infrastructure. See

It would be nice to move all mailing lists over. The discussion could take forever though.

Personally, I also believe that the Discourse/forum should really come alive, the world to come here and be used, but I don’t think we have to completely remove the mailing lists.
Mailing lists are something very simple and accessible where everyone is updated at the same time.


I would suggest you follow the method that the gtk lists did :slight_smile:

As @ovitters said, you can require the closure of a mailing list by opening an issue in the Infrastructure project; I did that for the GTK mailing lists.

I didn’t ask for a redirect and we decided not to automatically migrate subscribers over to Discourse; we did send an email to all subscribers inviting them to Discourse, though, letting them decide whether or not to do so; and I sent multiple emails to the list before archiving it, so that the move would be recorded in the archives.

Sounds good, thanks for the info. I guess I’ll recommend now that everyone starts using the Discourse, and set a date for archiving the tracker-list mailing list.

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