How to modify alt-tab window switch delay? And also popup delay?


I’m interested in tuning the alt-tab and alt-backtick timing. Can this be configured without an extension? Modifying things in dconf perhaps? I’d prefer to modify a setting before having to make (or use) an extension.

For example:

  • when I press alt-tab switch to the next app window immediately (or much sooner than currently)
    • same with alt-backtick, except switching to the next window of the same app
  • when I press alt-tab and hold alt, adjust the delay until the popup appears on screen
    • same with alt-backtick

No, it can’t be configured.

The entire point of the delay is to allow quick back and forth between applications without raising an entire overlay for navigation. The delay is 150 milliseconds, and the average human reaction time is in the 200 milliseconds range, so “much sooner” is going to be barely perceptible. It’s good that you have good reflexes, but that does not warrant a configuration option.

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