How to make Revealer expand things

I am making an application that visualizes XML files as tables in flow widgets.
Here is an example:

I’m looking for a way to display XML node attributes. Since there can be any number of them, I obviously need another table for this. I assumed that by selecting a table row the visual node would expand to the right where a new table containing attributes would appear.
But so that I do not Gtk. Revealer is put forward not by expanding the node, but by dividing it in half.
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As you can see, if the node size is minimal, Revealer still expands it a little.
The question is whether it can be done to expand it by moving to the side, and not divide it in half.

Also, you can offer your ideas where and how to place attributes.

This depends on how the parent (in the end whatever allocates size to that node widget) negotiates size and allocates it to its child widgets.

It seems like it just allocates the minimum width? The natural width of those two treeviews should be the sum of the two natural widths. I.e. this needs a fix or at least investigation inside the node library you’re using.

As a workaround, you can try getting the current width of the left treeview and setting the width request to that, just before using the revealer. Unset it afterwards.

As for

Your app looks interesting. It doesn’t happen to have a public repository, does it?

Thanks, and best wishes on your Gtk endeavors.

Ty, the code is here(ofc its vala), but you can think that it is not open yet, because it is all a prototype, everything is very bad there, as soon as I finish with the basic functionality, a big refactoring is waiting for it.

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