How to make Authentication dialog a separate window

I’m running into a state where an authentication dialog pops up and takes over the entire gnome-shell window and doesn’t allow me to do anything until it goes away.

Unfortunately this dialog pops up and returns several times after i hit “cancel”. I want to be just a simple window i can minimize and ignore.

is there a way or a setting for gnome-shell that turns these full screen dialogs into windows that can be minimized and ignored?

No, system dialogs are modal to the entire session, given that they relate to the system.

Which dialog is this? What kind of authentication does it require? What kind of action causes the dialog to appear?

its the “Authentication is required to create a color managed device” dialog. I want to ignore this, or send it off to its own desktop so that its out of my way. Other window managers allow this, but not gnome-shell. I have to hit “cancel” somewhere around 15 times before it doesn’t attempt to come back.

Gnome-shell should allow these dialogs to be windows… theres no option here?

This is a bug; it should not appear multiple times after you dismissed it once.

I don’t know which component is responsible for the request, off-hand. You may want to ask on the #gnome IRC channel on

As I said, there’s no option to do that, and there won’t be. Things should, nevertheless, work and not bother people.

This is disappointing. Why not offer the option? There are plenty of other settings in gnome-shell that allow tweaking. I think this should be one.

Its not worth chasing down this specific one, I’d rather see a global way of handling all dialogs that gnome-shell makes full-screen.

I understand your issue, but the people that make GNOME Shell (and myself) disagree with you.

The point of system modal dialogs is to enable the system to go from one state to another state without in-between phases that may stall or break applications; system modal dialogs should be used sparingly, and they should not be annoying.

It’s always worth to fix consistency issues. If you cancel the authentication dialog for the WiFi password, you don’t get asked another 15 times for it; colour management should do the same. The fact that you need authentication to create a color managed device is also highly suspect.

Please, file a bug about it.

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