How to load a ttf font

Hi all,
I’d like to change the default font used by the GTK application (sans) to the Montserrat font.
I own a set of files of this font (all the variants).
How can I point to the font?
My first try was by the CSS file (on window tag to be global) but if I add the ‘font-family: Montserrat-Regular’ directive I see the following error in the console window (run by glade tool):

(glade.exe:17660): Pango-WARNING **: 09:02:15.036: couldn't load font "Montserrat-Regular 9", falling back to "Sans 9", expect ugly output.

If I add the directive:

    font-family: Montserrat-Regular;
    src: url('Montserrat-Regular.ttf');

I see the error:

GladeUI-Message: 09:04:45.873: CSS parsing failed: lockrecharge.css:4:7'src' is not a valid property name

Do I need to handle the font file from the C code?


gtk does not support all features of css.

Gtk – 4.0: GTK CSS Properties

In order to be able to find fonts, fonts should be installed. If you don’t want to install fonts, you can use fontconfig

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