How to launch evolution mail new profile / secondary instance

I’m running archlinux and I’ve been using evolution for few days with success for EWS account. I’d like to know if I can launch secondary instance of evolution for my private inboxes.
I know that I can configure additional inboxes in evolution but I’d like to not mix work and private accounts in one instance/profile.

Hi, that’s what different user accounts are for on an operating system level.

Evolution will not “mix” accounts if all accounts are EWS or IMAP - all accounts will be under separate nodes.

Andre, I think that different user accounts serve different purpose. I’m a single user, and I’d like to use software on my virtual desktop concurrently.
Here is my workflow:
I use i3/sway window manager and have many virtual desktops for different needs ie personal,multimedia,development, projects for different companies.
I’d like to use evolution just as I use web browser - no matter if it’s firefox, chrome or electron app. For instance I use 5 different firefox profiles - two for different companies I work with, another two with different protonvpn proxies and one personal.
Every firefox profile has different theme, so it’s easy distinguishable.
I cannot work with Evolution in a way you are proposing - one instance with multiple accounts. Because sooner than later I’d probably send an email from default inbox - Company_A to customers in Company_B, which very possible when Global Access List are shared.

If you’re worried about using wrong sender addresses, Evolution offers Send Account Overrides

Depending on your Desktop Environment, you may be able to launch
multiple user sessions in parallel and do what you want (e.g. the Gnome
DE can do this), but as Andre says, multiple independent profiles are
not directly supported in Evolution (or in most other non-web email
clients I’m aware of). Feel free to file a Request For Enhancement at


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