How to keep services/apps from getting auto started in session


Am working with OE/Yocto and introduced build of GNOME-desktop session there recently. For my tests I build images containing many DEs: GNOME / LXQt / KDE-plasma / XFCE and others.
One thing I learned is that GNOME auto-starts all applications marked for GNOME in /etc/xdg/autostart/.desktop* and I did not find a way to avoid that.

For example: KDE’s balloo indexer eats up resources of all kinds and there are few applications outside KDE using it. I could patch it to start in plasma-sessions only but there are others so consider baloo just an example.

In XFCE autostart can be avoided per application by settings. For disabled services - here baloo - XFCE creates desktop files as $HOME/.config/autostart/baloo_file.desktop containing

[Desktop Entry]

This seems to be ignored at least for GNOME sessions so here my questions:

  • What mechanism do gnome sessions use to disable auto-start for certain applications?
  • Is there some graphical tool to change settings? Have tried gnome-tweaks but to me it seems it can only to add auto-starts

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