How to integrate Deezer SDK to GNOME app


I would like to create a Desktop app for Deezer on GNOME.
To use Deezer player and authenticate user, I must include a JS script (cf. Developers Deezer).
I’ve read about GJS, if I understood it embed a JS engine so it should be able to run Deezer’s script ?

It depends what the JS script does or depends on.

JavaScript is “just” a programming language. The other factor to consider is what APIs are available in each runtime.

If the JS script is made to run in the browser “runtime” and relies on DOM APIs - then you won’t be able to use it in GJS directly.

But you could use it in a WebkitGTK view inside a GJS app.

Thanks for your reply.

Could the webkit browser runtime interact with the underlying gtk app?
For example, if I click gtk button, could it send the command to the browser runtime?

Another question, the WebKit runtime be hidden for the user ?

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