How to "install" GIMP 2.99 from fresh Windows build?

I read Installation on Windows, It seems to be out-of-date.
I am not a Windows developer, I built GIMP 2.99 because I really need python3 support.

So, after some struggles, I have built GIMP 2.99 via MSYS2. I fear that my $PATH environment value is not quite right, and that is causing build issues:

msys2 is installed at “L:\bin\msys64\mingw64”
My gimp build directory is /l/projects/3rd_party/gimp_world/gimp
My gimp_prefix directory is /l/projects/3rd_party/gimp_world/gimp_prefix
I created a separate installation directory at “L:\projects\3rd_party\gimp_world\gimp_installation”

I tried to execute “L:\projects\3rd_party\gimp_world\gimp_installation\bin\gimp-console-2.99.exe” but it failed because of missing dlls. So I copied ALL the dlls from L:\bin\msys64\mingw64\bin into “L:\projects\3rd_party\gimp_world\gimp_installation\bin”
Now GIMP fails with

Mingw-w64 runtime failure:
32 bit pseudo relocation at 00007FF7C9DA34A9 out of range, targeting 00007FFF2A4AF1F0, yielding the value 000000076070BD43.

And I’m stuck.

You don’t need to compile it yourself. You can get the latest development release here:

Or (scroll down the downloadpage) even more unstable from the weekly build job:

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Thank you very much!

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