How to incorporate new GTK bug fix into current gtk version

The bug color assertion failure was patched recently, for which I am grateful: Assertion failed: (color->type == COLOR_TYPE_LITERAL) (#5798) · Issues · GNOME / gtk · GitLab .
However, my debian bookworm system still uses an older version of GTK4.

Is there a way to manually install/update to the newest version of gtk4 so that this bug won’t keep crashing my current setup? For example, perhaps there exists a .deb file I could install with a dpkg command.

For context:
Debian bookworm has gtk version 4.8.3.
There is a gtk version 4.10 in the experimental release (Debian Package Tracking System - gtk4), so perhaps I would have to attempt a debian backport.

You have to either add a later Debian version as an available apt source and then apt install -t that_version your_packages, yes - or perhaps see if the Debian GTK packagers will consider picking the patch.

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Yes it worked - managed to take gtk 4.10 from debian experimental, and the bug is fixed there. For a full step-by-step:
deb experimental main
to your /etc/apt/sources.list file.
apt-get update to load the main packages from experimental into the apt directory.
And finally,
apt-get -t experimental install libgtk-4*

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