How to I add Libadwaita Catalog to Glafr in Manjaro

Hello there, How can I add Libadwaita (I think it’s name adwaita catalog) Catalog to Glade in Manjaro?

I want to be able to use Adwaita elements like TabView, TabBar and …

Hello, unfortunately Glade does not support gtk4, much less libadwaita.

Is there anyway I can play around with these elements? I’m trying to learn Gtk and Libadwaita, having such a thing would really help as I don’t know which one should I use inside which one and …

I also could find any useful tutorial

The api docs generally say how stuff works, you can also use the inspector Projects/GTK/Inspector - GNOME Wiki! with existing apps to see their widget tree. As for how to write the .ui files I am afraid that the bes option (by far) is to write them by hand with any editor that supports folding xml code

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There is Getting Started - GNOME Developer Documentation

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Thank you both guys for your helps :heart:

Perhaps Workbench could be of some help?

It will definitely help thank you so much

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