How to have child widgets opaque with transparent parents

As one can see below, there is a GTK Image set as a child of the GTKButton (in a FlowBox). I can make the button transparent via gtk_widget_set_opacity(button, 0), but this carries over to the child image, even if I explicitly set child’s opacity. What can I do in order to only have the circular image visible?

Have you tried setting the button css background style to transparent?
But in this case I’d actually just use a GtkImage instead of a GtkButton.

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The CSS opacity command likewise affects the child elements … but you have given me an idea-> set the GTKButton’s background-image to a completely transparent one.

EDIT: confirmed, setting background-image CSS property to a transparent PNG does the trick, if not in particularly elegant fashion.

I was actually referring to background: transparent;
Instead of opacity and it should not affect its children widgets.

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