How to find the available signal name(s) for a specific wdget hierarchy


I’m working on an application using GTK+ under linux.

I’ve defined a main window and a drawing area within it and no more hierarchy.

I’d like to start a dialog, when the user clicks a mouse button or touch the screen inside this drawing area. I can add events to the drawing area, but as I understand, I have to connect some signal names for these events. The documentation for drawing areas does not list any signals. But I found the signal names “configure-event” and “draw” available for the “GtkDrawingArea” in some example codes.

Can somebody help me please!

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New style documentation includes signals inherited from parent classes (also available for GTK3).

For the old-style documentation, you have to click through the “Widget hierarchy” section yourself (although GtkWidget is usually the best bet).

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Hello Florian,

many thanks for your hint.
I found the necessary information.

Kind Regards,

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