How to find master password?

Hello, I need an help to understand where the master password is stored and which encryption algorithm is used?

Gnome Keyring protects my passwords by encrypting them using a master password.

I Change the master password as below.

I believe that my password is stored at ~/.local/share/login.keyring, encrypted by aes128-cbc. My password is safe.

But, where the master password is stored and which encryption algorithm is used?
I haven’t found any hints of the master password in the repository.
Thanks for the help.



The default master password of gnome-keyring should be your user account’s password.

Thanks @vanadiae , default master password is working for me.
I want to know where is the master password stored if I changed the default.
And which encryption algorithm is used.

The master password isn’t stored anywhere, since that’s the part of the encryption chain that you alone know, and that the computer doesn’t know (because otherwise it’d be like having no encryption, as at one point you need to encrypt with something you know and the computer doesn’t). So no, you can’t know what’s the master password from looking in some (encrypted) file.

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Thank you for your reply, @vanadiae . I understand. However, I still don’t understand how to confirm that the master password is correct when unlocking. As shown in the figure below.

Well, if it fails unlocking then it means it’s the wrong password. I’m not sure I get what you mean nor what you want to achieve?

Sorry, I didn’t make it clear before. I mean, the master password is not stored in the encrypted file. How does Gnome keying know whether the master password I entered is right or not.

If the contents decrypt successfully, then the password is right. If decryption fails, then it’s wrong. The password itself is the key.

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Thank you for your reply. @mcatanzaro @vanadiae

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