How to drag GTKFixed widget

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I’m working on GTK3 application in cpp. I’m using GTKFixed as my container widgets and I want to drag my container. I did not find any reference that says we can drag GtkFixed.

How to make a GTKFixed dragable


In gtk3 simple widgets like GtkFixed can’t catch mouse events directly (thus drag events).
You should wrap the GtkFixed in a GtkEventBox, and setup the drag source on it instead.

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Thankyou @gwillems , i was able to receive drag events. But during drag im not able to see the visuals of Widget being dragged. How to get that

Not sure about that, I never used that feature, but I think you have to use one of the “drag_set_icon_XXX” API, probably Gtk.drag_set_icon_widget or Gtk.drag_set_icon_surface or Gtk.drag_set_icon_pixbuf .