How to disable/edit touchpad gestures in GNOME 40?

Hey, I recently installed GNOME 40 and it comes with touchpad gestures, which is a very nice UX improvement.
But previously I was using the libinput-gestures to achieve this and I’d like to keep using it, once I can configure it.
I didn’t find how to disable GNOME touchpad gestures then it was conflicting with libinput-gestures.
But if there’s a way to configure GNOME 40 touchpad gestures too, it would be perfect.


  1. Can I disable touchpad gestures in GNOME 40?
  2. Can I edit/customize touchpad gestures in GNOME 40?

Thanks in advance

Same here: I was using libinput-gestures with 3 fingers swipe for both switching workspace (vertical) and to do back/fwd in Firefox/Spotify/Lollypop… (I guess any GTK app that responded to Alt+arrows), horizontal, and since Gnome 40 3 fingers swipe is preempted by the shell.
So I’m looking for a way to control gestures in Gnome 40 in order to combine those two needs (either by combining 3 and 4 fingers swipe, or to switch back workspaces vertically or disable gnome gestures and use back libinput or anything else that can work).

@ybon, best to let GNOME 40 (with Wayland) do all workspace switching using 3 finger swipes and assign 4 finger swipes using libinput-gestures to go back/fwd, close/reopen browser tabs, etc. That’s working fine for me.

# ~/.config/libinput-gestures.conf gestures for Google Chrome
gesture swipe up        4       xdotool key control+plus
gesture swipe down      4       xdotool key control+minus
gesture swipe left      4       xdotool key alt+Right
gesture swipe right     4       xdotool key alt+Left
gesture swipe right_up  4       xdotool key control+Tab
gesture swipe left_up   4       xdotool key control+shift+Tab
gesture swipe left_down 4       xdotool key control+w
gesture swipe right_down 4      xdotool key control+shift+t

Excellent, thanks, works perfectly :slight_smile:

Using GNOME 40 touchpad gestures requires a long hand movement to change workspaces.
Due this, I’m feeling pain in my wrist.
That said, being able to edit or disable it would be awesome.
I’ll need to use keyboard shortcuts to change workspaces once this is hurting me.
I don’t know if it’s different for each laptop, mine is a DELL XPS 15 9650.
I guess disabling is easier to implement than allowing customization, then being able to disable it would be very appreciated. This way a could use libinput-gestures lib, which doesn’t require long hand movements.

Thanks in advance

For now, you’ll have to hack /usr/lib64/gnome-shell/ … edit with a hex editor
Find this “GESTURE_FINGER_COUNT = 3” … change 3 to 4. or maybe change in to 5 to disable swiping in the shell.

I have some scripts to hammer gnome-shell to my liking: 4 finger swipe, custom gdm login wallpaper, and a quick dash-to-dock fix.

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