How to decode a ts segment in a u8 vec from appsrc

Hi, I have been trying to feed a u8 vec coming my application will read from a RabbitMQ into an appsrc to transcode it.

I am trying a simple pipeline like the following without decode to test it.

gst-launch-1.0 filesrc location=dip.ts ! tsdemux name=demux demux. ! h264parse ! mpegtsmux ! filesink location=pp.ts

I wrote the following code to build the pipeline in rust. However I keep getting “Internal data stream error”.

fn create_pipeline() -> Result<gst::Pipeline, Error> {

    let pipeline = gst::Pipeline::default();

    let video_info = &gst::Caps::builder("video/x-h264")
        .field("stream-format", &"byte-stream")

    let appsrc = gst_app::AppSrc::builder()

    // gst-launch-1.0 filesrc location=dip.ts ! tsdemux name=demux demux. ! h264parse ! mpegtsmux ! filesink location=pp.ts
    let tsdemux = gst::ElementFactory::make("tsdemux").build()?;
    let h264parse = gst::ElementFactory::make("h264parse").build()?;
    let mpegtsmux = gst::ElementFactory::make("mpegtsmux").build()?;
    let filesink = gst::ElementFactory::make("multifilesink").build()?;
    filesink.set_property("location", "%d.ts");
    filesink.set_property("post-messages", true);
    filesink.set_property_from_str("next-file", "discont");

    let video_sink_pad = h264parse.static_pad("sink").expect("could not get sink pad from h264parse");

    pipeline.add_many(&[appsrc.upcast_ref(), &tsdemux, h264parse.upcast_ref(), &mpegtsmux, &filesink])?;
    gst::Element::link_many(&[appsrc.upcast_ref(), &tsdemux])?;

    tsdemux.connect_pad_added(move |_src, src_pad| {
        let is_video = if"video") {
        } else {

        let connect_demux = || -> Result<(), Error> {
  "failed to link>h264parse.sink");
            println!("linked tsdemux->h264parse");

        if is_video {
            match connect_demux() {
                Ok(_) => println!("tsdemux->h264 connected"),
                Err(e) => println!("could not connect tsdemux->h264parse e:{}", e),

    gst::Element::link_many(&[&h264parse.upcast_ref(), &mpegtsmux, &filesink])?;

             .need_data(move |appsrc, _| {
                 println!("getting the file");
                 let mut file = File::open("./dip.ts").unwrap();
                 let mut buffer = Vec::new();
                 match file.read_to_end(&mut buffer) {
                     Ok(_) => {
                         println!("finished reading bytes from file len={}", buffer.len());
                     Err(e) => {
                         println!("error reading file: {}", e);
                 let gst_buffer = gst::Buffer::from_slice(buffer);
                 println!("buffer size of teh generated gst_buffer={}", gst_buffer.size());
                 let _ = appsrc.push_buffer(gst_buffer);



Is it because appsrc is not able to handle the buffer size? If so how do I divide it into chunks in a byte-stream?

Hi @ggovindan,

I suggest asking on GStreamer Discourse

@lb90 I apologize, I will move it there. This can be closed

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