How to create a free-flowing list in Gtk

I was creating a small font viewer and I saw these mockups and hence tried to make a similar layout, but I don’t know how to do it (especially cause I’m using ListStore’s)

If anyone knows how one can implement that in gtk, that would be amazing… I’ve tried using GtkListView and GtkGridView but they can’t render the same way so that each box has a different size…

One idea would be creating 3 (or 2 or 1 based on screen size) vertical lists and then for each new item, one would calculate the allocated heights for each vertical column’s children and decide which one to add a new child too… as I’m fairly new to GJS, I’m not sure how to implement that and it doesn’t even sound like a good idea…

similar library (for web developers):

The important questions here are how you expect this layout to behave when it comes to resizing and reflowing.

this is a weird part I don’t even know yet how it would work. since this is a design in the app-mockups repo on Gitlab, I think some designers may help us understand how it would work.

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