How to compile GLib/Gio documentation with the new style?

This is how the online documentation for Gio looks

And this is how the documentation from the AUR package glib2-docs-git looks like

The online version is for Gio 2.72 and the AUR version is for Gio 2.73.0. So, the documentation built from the latest git version of GLib is still using the old style while the online version is somehow using the new style.

EDIT: I also manually installed GLib from source with meson build -D gtk_doc=true && meson compile -C build instead of the AUR package and it still has the same result (that is, it has the old style of documentation).

My question is “How do I get the documentation with the new style?” and I don’t want it online. I want it locally on my computer which I can access without having to connect to the internet.

There are different tools used for the generation of the documentation. The old style uses gtk-doc and the new style uses gi-docgen. To get the new style, you’ll have to generate the documentation with the new generator.

Is there an official meson option for this or do I need to manually run gi-docgen?

GLib does not use gi-docgen, and it does not ship the introspection data needed to run gi-docgen. The documentation on is built by GTK itself.

If you want to generate the docs for GLib, GObject, GIO, and GModule using gi-docgen, you will need to look at the docs-gtk-org branch of the GTK repository; you will need:

  • the introspection data for GLib libraries
  • the extra content documents
  • gi-docgen installed on your system

As a side note: you won’t be able to use your web browser and point it at the documentation generated by gi-docgen locally. Web browsers don’t like local JavaScript loading assets, so they disable the necessary functionality. You can use DevHelp, though.


Thank you. I will look at docs-gtk-org branch of GTK.

I use and love DevHelp. Even if I couldn’t use it, I have set up Apache server on my computer so that I can access all the local documentation properly. I just need to build the documentation.

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