How to: Change Square to Circle of same size

How can I shape the square image to make it a circle of the same size as the circle photo in the background? I want to put the square image overtop of the circle image with the same size in the background. I have tried an array of things. I would like to be able to resize the selected square only and not the entire canvas.


Create a layer with the square image only.

On the layer with the circle, add an alpha channel, if it doesn’t already have one (Layer/Transparency/Add alpha channel).

Select the circle and use the “Remove holes” command in the “Select menu”.

Make the selection transparent using the “Delete” key.

Scale the layer with the square image (Layer/Scale layer) so that it will fill the circle. Alternatively, you could just make add more background without scaling the layer. You may have to create a new layer with the background color, crop it to the correct size and combine it with the layer with the square image. There are probably other ways of doing this.

Place the layer with the square image behind the layer with the transparent circle.

Use the “Move” tool to position the layer with the square image.

Crop the image to the outermost rectangle, if necessary.

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Gratittude for the clarity. “Remove holes” catches my attention. I got to here now two seperate files. I want to add them together now. I want to insert an object into the image from another layer or file?

You need “Remove holes” to make the selection the entire circle, not just the perimeter. Assuming you started with one file, you should not have two files now, but still only one, but with two layers, one containing just the square that you want to fit into the circle. The other should be the original image with a circular “hole”, i.e., a transparent area.

The layers in an image don’t have to be the same size. The layer with the hole goes on top. You can shift the relative position of the layers in the list of layers at the lower right side of the window by dragging them with the mouse. You put the image with the face behind the one with the hole and shift it around using the “Move” tool until you have it where you want it. If the edges of that layer go past the orignal border, you can crop the entire image to the original border.

You could even make a third layer just with the background. Set the foreground or background color to the color you want and then use the “New layer” command to create a layer with the color you want. There’s a menu for choosing the color. This layer would go behind the other two.

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