How to change position of Dash in Activities view back to left side?


Now Gnome40 landed on Debian Testing, the Activities view changed to new layout.
I didn’t follow any explanation of the changing the position of Dash bar to the screen bottom, but it makes me to move my pointer from top-left corner aaaaall the way down to bottom-center to access the buttons that were supposed to be a quick access.

Is there a way to move it back to left-side in vertical orientation? I couldn’t find it in Tweaks.
If not, could anyone point where is the c code/js code/css or anything that allows me to customize it?

Changing the layout would require an extension. If the problem is just the distance between the hot corner and the dash, you might want to try the Hot Edge extension, which adds a hot edge that activates the overview to the bottom of the screen. That way if you activate the overview using the hot edge, your mouse cursor is already close to or on top of the dash.

(Disclaimer: I am the developer of the Hot Edge extension :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)

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