How to build latest stable shotwell in fedora

Since shotwell 0.31.7 doesn’t work as expected:

I want to build+install latest stable shotwell (0.30.17) at my fedora 37 system.

I read shotwell documentation and executed given instructions.
Unfortunately it failed:

Would you please help me to make it work?

sudo dnf install webkit2gtk4.0-devel should fix that

Thank you for the fix. I applied it and successfully build shotwell.
But although I already removed shotwell 0.31.7 from system by ‘sudo dnf remove shotwell’ after running shotwell from the build directory this error message pops up:
Screenshot from 2023-01-12 09-33-25

Yes, shotwell unstable uses an extended database. You can kind of revert the database back by opening photo.db in the database tool of your choice and setting the schema version to 20, the database is backward compatible

photo.db only contained a few pictures/moviews for testing. So I just removed it. As expected shotwell created a new db with matching schema.

Than I successfully tested importing photos/movies using shotwell from the build directory.
So I installed shotwell in the default directory. But unfortunately starting installed shotwell fails:
[pacey@o2 shotwell-0.30.17]$ /usr/local/bin/shotwell
/usr/local/bin/shotwell: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Here it is:
[pacey@o2 local]$ find . -name

Ok. That’s easy. For now I fixed it quick and dirty using LD_LIBRARY_PATH =)

/usr/local/lib*isn’t in the search path since ages now for most major distributions. Maybe I need to sprinkle some RPATH into the meson file or get rid of the plugin library all together :thinking:

Anyway. Thanks a lot for your support!

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