How to build Gtk+4 without tracker3 dependency?

All, I installed gtk+4 on Archlinux and it pulled in the dependency of tracker3. I use fluxbox as a desktop and have no desire for filesystem indexing or metadata storage. How can I build gtk+4 without the tracker3 dependency?

This is a misplaced dependency in the toolkit. It may be relevant to the Gnome desktop, but it has no relevance for the toolkit used to build apps for non-Gnome desktops. For example, you cannot even create a simple example “hello world” button app without the tracker3 dependency causing the link to fail unless tracker3 is installed. I keep trying to motivate myself to move my gtk apps to the current version, but stuff like this is just a show-stopper.

So is there a link showing how to build gtk+4 without tracker3 and libstemmer dependencies?

Just look at the available build options in the meson_options.txt?

There is one that’s literally called “tracker”…

Ahh! Thanks. Blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other – again.

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