How to build gnome-control-center with GNOME-Builder?

I’ve just cloned the source for the gnome-control-center app to see if I can fix some issues I have with it myself.

Trying to build with GNOME-Builder (installed via flatpak) leads to errors like ../ ERROR: Unknown options: "systemd" or ../ ERROR: Assert failed: vapi requires introspection.

Is there some documentation I missed on how to get things up and running?

I’m on Fedora 36.

Never tried to build it with GNOME-Builder, but what works for me (also working on gnome-control-center) is:
git clone -b 42.3
cd ./gnome-control-center
meson setup builddir
cd builddirr

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thanks for the hint. I did install all dependencies natively and also changed the build config in Builder to run builds on the Host OS instead of Flatpak. This did the trick for building the app.

Now I have to poke around a bit and try to understand the ecosystem.

I want to have a look at the OpenVPN connection settings as they are pretty much broken since the GNOME 42 update. Now I have to find the code for that.

Guess I’m going on an adventure.

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