How to avoid rebuilding dependencies with flatpak-builder?

Everytime I run flatpak-builder to build my app to build my app for Flatpak, the tool requires me to delete build folder or run with --force-clean. And after that I have to wait long time for all dependencies to be built again.
Is there any way to reduce this waiting time?

--force-clean only removes the build directory, not the .flatpak-builder one where the building caches reside.

flatpak-builder will rebuild any module after a changed one, so make sure your application comes last in the manifest. If you have modules pulled from git following the tip of a branch, try using a tag or a particular commit instead, or use the --disable-updates flag to not pull the repository on each build.

Thanks. I reviewed my manifest file. After fix the dependencies Git URL with specific tag, rebuilding no longer happens.

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