How to autologin for root

Hello, how to autologin for root?

Please do not persuade me to choose another user instead of root. I really want an autologin for directly for the root. Please don’t preach to me about security.

I tried without a positive result:

  • In the GUI settings it is not possible to turn on autologin for the root by clicking, it is clear to me that this has a security reason.

  • I also tried to add “–autologin root” to / etc / passwd at the end of the root line, which also doesn’t work.

  • Then I tried (also didn’t help): sed -i ‘/ ExecStart / s / agetty / agetty --autologin root /’ /etc/systemd/system/

  • I do not want to create any remote access to this device or install other redundancies like VNC server

  • I update /etc/gdm/custom.conf:


Thank you very much for the tips and sorry for my stubbornness.

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