How to add repositories to GNOME Software

Is there a way to add a software repository to GNOME Software from within the application?

I’m on Fedora 38 / GNOME 44.5, and I’ve looked in both Software Repositories (which I feel is the intuitive location) and Preferences but cannot find the button to add a new repository to the list.

Is the only way to add a repo thnough the terminal, or am I just overlooking something?

GNOME Software is simply just a frontend to multiple software distribution platforms e.g. Flatpak, fwupd, PackageKit, etc. You add repositories to those specific platforms. Some of them have GUI’s for adding repos, some don’t.

I haven’t used Fedora. So, I don’t know if it has a GUI for adding repos or not. I assume it doesn’t.

Flatpak also doesn’t but you don’t need it. When you download and install an app via a .flatpakref file, the repository gets added automatically.

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