How to add my location for the weather?

there are only a few cities of which none are in a couple of hundred kilometers. How can I add a custom position?

Try this script · main · Julian / scripts · GitLab

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do you know where to get the place id for the location?

curl returns {"error":{"code":400,"message":"Parameter 'place_id' must be a number."}}

btw that’s a horrible way of adding your location to a weather app =(

But you don’t need place id, just the name. Idk, you just use it once, so if it works it is OK.

Since GNOME Weather uses libgweather’s location database, you can read the relevant documentation.

Some people use a script to inject a location into GNOME Weather’s settings, but it’s not a good solution: mainly a hack to work around the fact that GNOME Weather’s location search regressed once libgweather dropped the GTK widgets in the port to GTK4.


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