How i can change default keys for change language

Hello there im runnin Debian 11 bullseye on Gnome.
In this version i find very hard to change the default buttons to change between input languages.
When trying to set shift+alt wont accept it like i dont press anyting .
Any help?
Any command?
Help in advance

this is what i see Imgur: The magic of the Internet

This is because both Shift and Alt are modifier keys, not proper character keys. As such it expects you to type a real “character key” in addition to the shift+alt modifiers to complete the shortcut assignment. So if you want to change the shortcut you’ll need to include a character key in your shortcut (e.g. shift+alt+K would work).

The default Super+Space bar shortcut is nice though because both keys are very close to each other, so I wonder why you’d want to change it (though I can see that you want to, anyway).

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