How does gedit resize font of headers in HTML?

Hi, I’m looking for information about the feature shown below. Specifically,

  • Does it have a name?
  • Can I customize the font size, or the increase value?
  • Has this feature been implemented for any other language or in any other text editor?

I’ve looked over these locations without any luck:

Plugins installed: (all came with Pop_OS)

Running application ‘text editor’ (gedit) that came with Pop_OS!, ‘out of the box’

I’m not 100% sure but if I recall correctly, it is a plugin that adds that feature.

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Thanks for the reply. I added the list of plugins that are installed to the original post.

I believe switching to a different colour scheme (in gedit preferences) should also cause the title/headings to be shown with the normal font size.

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The font scaling for headings is configurable in style scheme (or “color scheme”) files. By default the feature is disabled: see the default style schemes here.

For example tango.xml has a comment: “Heading styles, uncomment to enable”.

The style scheme file format is currently documented here (search for “scale”).

Not all languages support this feature, it depends if the *.lang file has defined heading styles. For example at the top of html.lang, you can see that it has styles for “def:heading”.

It’s a bit a hidden feature, and it should be better documented. Ideally this should be made configurable through the GUI.

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