How do I use S-Expressions on Evolution Data Server's ECal API?

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I am working on an application that makes use of the Evolution Data Server and Calendar APIs. I would like to show calendar events that occur within a certain time period and I understand that the way to do this is by using S-Expressions. While the general concept looks straightforward enough, I can’t find any information in the documentation or the wider Internet on how I would use this to search for events within the Evolution system. I had a look at Evolution’s source code (I am a novice at best at C and GitLab’s search function did a lot of the work for me) and I think occur-in-time-range might be relevant to what I’m trying to do, but I’m not sure what isodate_from_time_t is doing or how the return value from it is formatted. Is there documentation on this or a list of commands that I’m missing?

Apologies if I have placed this in the wrong category - I don’t know whether this is more applicable to Applications or Platform.

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I don’t think that there is a complete documentation for the S-Expressions unfortunately, but you might want to look at the source code

You basically need to look at examples if that is not enough, see how we are doing with elementary Calendar for instance

Thank you very much - the Vala code is much easier for me to follow due to its similarities with Java, which I have much more experience with.

Also, since I cross-posted this question, I’ve included a link to the thread on evolution-hackers.

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