How do I remotely debug gnome-shell through gdb on Ubuntu 19.04?

How do I remotely launch a gdb session to step through gnome-shell so I can debug a hang on Ubuntu 19.04? I’ve followed the Gnome wiki instructions without success. I’ve copied the specified environment variables (and more–I’ve tried dumped everything from the process environment into the gdb startup script) and also added the --wayland argument to the invocation of gnome-shell to get something like this:


<all the environment variables here>

gdb --args /usr/bin/gnome-shell --wayland --replace

Running the startup script on a local terminal starts okay, but is unusable because of the hang I’m trying to debug. I can’t switch to a different vterm because the mouse/keyboard are unresponsive. When I run this script in an SSH session and type run at the gdb prompt, I get this:

(gnome-shell:8055): mutter-WARNING **: 04:11:55.429: Can't initialize KMS backend: Could not get seat for session: No data available

What magics are required to get the required session data for the SSH session?

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