How do I move old mails to an external disk?

I have been using Evolution for many years.
My archived mail folder are under /home//.local/share/evolution/mail/local/. My archive is almost 48G. Mail is organized in a tree of folder, subfolder, subsubfolder, and more.
I would like:
– keep my present install of Evolution;
– move a large number of mail folders up to ~40G to an external disk;
– be able to access the moved folders/mails from my Evo install anyway.

Is it possible? how? thanks for your help. Cheers

This isn’t specific to Evolution. You can move any directory tree to an
external disk and leave a symbolic link to it in the old location. You
just have to mount the disk in a known place and use any command-line
tool ('cp, ‘rsync’ etc.) to move the files.

Be sure to do this while Evolution is completely shut down to avoid