How do I make Shotwell Library automount my second internal harddrive when opening it?

I have imported my photos from my second internal harddrive in Shotwell Photo library. But when the second internal HDD isn’t mounted (after rebooting my laptop for example) and i start Shotwell again, it erases all my photos from the library.

How do I make Shotwell automount my second internal HDD, when I open Shotwell?


You would probably need some mechanism that recognizes the access and mounts the HDD according to that. This is beyond Shotwell’s scope, but autofs seems to be the current option of choice for this kind of task.

I think each (major) distribution has some information on setting this up in their wiki, from a quick search.

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I am not sure how Shotwell handles devices. But, Rhythmbox recently made some changes to the way it handles Android phones. It accesses GVFS volumes ( GVolume ) directly, rather than waiting for an external entity to mount ( GMount ) the Android phone.

Please refer commit:

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Yes, but that would mean that Shotwell would have the ability to know that its library resides on a removable device which it currently doesn’t. There’s a even plentitude of issues if you do that and start Shotwell without it being available .

So yes, that’s a good hint for a fix inside Shotwell :slight_smile: But with current versions you need something external

Pluggable external devices considered for import are handled using a wild mixture of udev/gvfs and gphoto2.

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That is interesting to know.

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