How do I highlight a treeview's selected row using CSS?

Hey folks! I’m developing a Gtk3/Vala application that incorporates a subclassed treeview widget and a couple of the settings that I’ve included allow the app’s user to override the theme colors for this widget’s foreground (text) and background colors. Of course, this is all implemented using CSS. All of that works just fine. The problem is that, once the user has overridden the theme colors used by the treeview, it is no longer possible to visually distinguish the treeview’s currently selected row as the “selection color” is apparently now the same as the background color. Is there a CSS setting that can be used to define this selected row’s background color? I’ve searched for one using GtkInspector and I was unable to find anything that appeared useful in this regards. I’m lost in the woods. Any help would be much appreciated!

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