How do I display pango markup on a pango-markup-enabled widget?

I need to display a bit of pango markup on a widget that uses pango markup. So I need to somehow tell pango to not interpret a piece of text but to display it literally.

How to achieve this? I have found neither <code> nor <verbatim> nor <[[CDATA ... ]]> seem to work.

That would depend on the widget your using.

If, for example, you’re using a GtkLabel, you just put the text into the label property, and set use-markup to true.

I am feeding the text to the second argument of notify-send.

notify-send is not part of the C GLib, which language binding contains this?

Apart from that notify is a signal for when a property was changed, it’s to my knowledge not responsible for setting it.
I would suggest you use set_label on the label directly, if possible.

The notify-send tool does not deal with widgets: it deals with sending a notification using the notification spec. Whatever notification listener exist on the other end of the communication channel is responsible for setting the notification’s body into a widget, according to its own rules—for instance, some notification managers might decide to strip all markup.

The only markup allowed in the body of a notification is outlined in the specification—but, again, it’s only advisory.

Well, I certainly do not want my notification code be tied to a single notification handler daemon.

Surely there should be a feature to “just display stuff without any markup”.

There’s the opposite capability: “body-markup”.

For instance, GNOME supports the following capabilities:

  • actions
  • body
  • body-markup
  • icon-static
  • persistence
  • sound

Of course, the capabilities only tell you what the notification daemon accepts, not how it will present the data.

And, once again: the markup allowed is not the full Pango markup language, but the strict subset of the notification specification; this is because the renderer of the notification may not use Pango at all.

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