How do I change my backup password?


I need to change my backup password on Deja Dup. I have done this before and believe I needed to delete all my backups which I am okay with doing but I can not figure out how to do it now. How do I change my backup password?

Thank you.

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Correct. Currently, Deja Dup doesn’t make it easy to change your password.

You basically have to just start a new backup in a new folder/location. And once you do that, you can delete your old backup folder if you don’t think you’ll want to go back to it.

I will say that Deja Dup has experimental support for the restic tool which does let you change passwords. But that’s not exposed in the UI and isn’t 100% ready for primetime. Just wanted to say that I know that this is a feature gap :frowning:

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