How do I best organize a MR for 34 Gnome Settings panels?

There are 24 Gnome Settings panels that have obsolete X-GNOME-Bugzilla-* entries in their * files (those entries were for bug-buddy, a GNOME 2 technology). And 4 panels that also have obsolete X-GNOME-Settings-Panel=<panel name> entries.

Removing the obsolete entries also leaves the * files without any variables in them, making the meson configure_file step pointless (there are no variables to configure). I would rename the files to * and adjust the to remove the configure_file step. There are 10 other panels that have this pointless meson configure_file step so I would adjust these as well.

I want to do a MR to remove these obsolete entries from the desktop files. Do I make 1 commit and 1 MR for this? 1 commit per panel? I could use some advice on how best to organize the MR so it’s a good flow for the maintainers.

I would do it all in one commit. This is personal preference, but one commit for each file seems like excessive granularity to me.

And yes, you are right that these desktop files should be converted from * to *

Thank you. I’ll get on the MR :slight_smile:

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